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About Us

Our goal

Be.leaf was founded on the idea that ethical, cruelty free fashion is the way forward. 

Our goal is to offer our customers ethically sourced , plant based clothing and footwear, this means that our items are fair trade and none of the ingredients have been derived from animals. 

Chic, minimal, affordable fashion without the guilty conscience, 

what a goal to have! 

Our history

The founder Miss Jordan Lydia Fowler started this brand by custom painting shoes using cruelty free paint. After this idea took off she decided to branch out into ethical clothing and footwear.

As a vegan herself she found it increasingly difficult to find affordable clothing that contributed to her lifestyle so now, in great efforts she goes above and beyond making sure all products are made and manufactured in the most ethical ways possible. 

Organic cottons, plant based materials and natural cruelty free dyes are the history, the present and the future of Be.Leaf ethical clothing. 

Are you a conscious consumer?

A conscious consumer is a someone who is aware of the negative effects of perchasing items that are not produced sustainably or ethically. For this reason they choose to perchase items that adhere to certain guidlines of sustainability and avoid contributing to mass production and wasteful or harmful manufacture process. 

Help us to help the environment and shop ethical! 


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Be.Leaf ethical clothing


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